Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Business

I'm taking the plunge this week and am starting my own business on the side. It's called Narrow Ridge Productions and will focus on creating philosophical and religious educational videos for schools, libraries and other institutions. I'm taking out a rather big loan to do this and it feels like I'm jumping off the cliff in Taylors Falls at night.

I'm buying the gear this week, looking for a temporary office and am updating my narrowridge.com website. I just sent in my Doing Business As along with the $25 fee. Guess it's official now. I also may be moving this blog away from anything connected with narrowridge to keep the two worlds sepatate.


brett said...

Wish you very well in this. Actually, Tom, I want to tell you that your courage is contagious. There are alot of unknowns out there, however, we must be true and honest to that which is burning inside.

I raise my glass to you


Tom said...

Thanks, Brett. I figure that if no one buys these DVDs, at least they'll make good frisbees for the kids to play with.