Sunday, July 06, 2008

New Office

I'm super excited about finally moving into my own office. I still have my day job, but am working on making my own business viable. I completely redesigned the website over the weekend; check it out here at I eventually also would like to offer some videos that address certain Down syndrome issues. My office is about a hundred yards away from our apartment, convenient to say the least. Silvi and I went and grabbed a few shots of it a minute ago.
My office is on the second floor, looking toward our little downtown area.

Famous Dave's restaurant is right around the corner, as is our little coffee shop.

From my office window, I look down on the main steet of Linden Hills.


Nick McGivney said...

That looks like a sweet set-up. Let me be the first on blog to wish you great success, traffic snarl-ups with all the extra business you drag in, and some good books for the looong commute home!


Kim Ayres said...

How fantastic to have your own office to head to :)

Sent an email re website

amber said...

Congrats on the office, Tom! Your website looks great:)

waldenhouse said...

Congratulations on having an office. Every time I see pictures of your town I swell with envy, it looks like the kind of community I long for. The website looks great, too!

Anonymous said...


Elbog said...

Took me a while to revisit the site - looks great. Can't wait for the store to open so's I can get that Narrow Ridge USB embedded video mousepad.
And so 'green', too!
I'm glad it's progressing. I hope my business gets big enough to hire you.

Chris said...

Congrats on the new office. Wishing you much success!