Monday, September 22, 2008

Teriyaki friends

There's a lot I miss about living in Seattle, like the teriyaki chicken restaurants that seemed to be everywhere. I went to the Mall of America for lunch today because I was craving teriyaki chicken and knew of a place that served it there. What a disappointment. Chewy, fatty chicken, bland sauce. It seems impossible to find good teriyaki chicken in Minneapolis.

I also miss the friends I had in Seattle. It's hard to maintain friendships when you move around as much as I do. Did. You probably notice the absence of many other people in the pictures I post. (There wouldn't be room for them anyway, seeing how my shoe is in every other shot.) I know a few people here in the twin cities, but not well enough to call up or do the pop in with. I've got a large extended family nearby, and that is super-fantastic-wonderful. But not the same as having good friends.

How does a forty-year-old man go about making friends? Join a softball team? Writers group? Church functions? Take up electric guitar lessons and join a Motley Crue tribute band?

Maybe I'll make a lot of money and then buy some friends.

And then I'll also have fresh teriyaki chicken flown directly from Seattle at least once a week.

Or maybe I'll just keep taking pictures of my shoe.


Tricia said...

If ¥ou figure it out, I will co-opt your techniques (either for making friends or buying them) and I will make the necessary alterations for a 32 year old woman to do the same!

Ann said...

I can't remember all of the various twists and turns that brought me to your blog. I know the first turn was Down Syndrome. My husband and I have a 3&1/2 year old, Nate, and we had fraternal twins, Maggie and Caleb, on April 16th. We got Caleb's DS diagnosis after he was born. What keeps me coming back though is not Down Syndrome but the pictures. You guys seem to be in a coffee shop or a beautiful spot every day. With twins and a preschooler, a coffee shop seems but a dream. The irony is that we live south of Seattle. We've got the Teriyaki but not the time.

Tom said...

Tricia: I'm still working on my million dollar idea, although with the markets as they are, I should probably just apply for a goverment bailout package. :)

Ann: I'm glad you keep coming back. And send over some REAL teriyaki when you get a chance! :)

Leah said...

Hey, Angela could have met you at the mall today. I would have let you go on all the rides with her, since I'm not a HUGE fan of them AND she loves company on the rides! LOL We were AT the mall, just a couple hours after you, but by then we didn't have time for rides and she was quite irritated with me. LOL I bet there's a men's book club somewhere around you!

jonashpdx said...

oh, man, you're so right about the teriyaki in seattle... i haven't had GREAT teriyaki (lots of good, even more bad, none great) in years since living in seatown.

just thinking about the teriyaki place on the Ave is making me drool right now.

Brett said...

Hey Tom,

I'd be happy to ship you a teriyaki lunch every now and again. Just send me a list of your favorite joints. Good friends are difficult to come by. I still consider you a good friend and enjoy following along with this blog. But I sure miss the face to face.

Here's to the good times and the hope for more in future.

rickismom said...

Try volunteering.
A great way to meet great people

Elbog said...

Well, I'm glad you finally got your keyboard fixed.
I so understand the teryaki, for me it was carne asada in CT.
As to the friend thing, I'm not much help, either, but you've got friends round the world, which is pretty cool, too.
"We've got the teryaki but not the time."

Tom said...

Leah: Next time I head that way, I'll shoot you an email.. I'm pretty spontaneous so it'll always be last minute :)

jonashpdx: Why are you torturing me? :)

Brett: Careful, man, I might make it a habit. :) Annie and I used to stop off at Sunny Teriyaki on our way home at least once a week, although I'm not sure how it would fare in the mail. :)

Five years have flown by, haven't they?

rickismom: hadn't thought of that.. thanks.

elbog: My trigger finger is itchin' to take another picture, man. My shoes are getting lonely, you know.

Can't find good fish tacos out here like in SoCal.