Thursday, February 12, 2009


I love watching Ian crawl around the house. He does it with such gusto, obviously pleased at himself. His favorite things to do:
  • Unplug the lamp
  • Unplug the DVD player
  • Pull on the shower curtain
  • Pull on the living room curtains
  • Pull on George's - the cat's - tail, until he whacks Ian on the head
  • Pour George's food and water out onto the kitchen floor
  • Eat cheerios and leftovers off the dining room floor
  • Find two objects and bang them together
Can't wait for the adventures to begin once he starts walking.


JRS said...

Except for the lamp and DVD player, if you replace "Fred" for "George" and add 'chucks toys into the toilet,' you've described Sophie to a T.

Anonymous said...

kids are awesome. :>

Ann said...

I'm so looking forward to Caleb crawling. He's 24 pounds at 9 months so his yummy chubbiness is not helping.:)

beans said...

Sounds like and adventurous one you got there. Good stuff, though. Good stuff.

Monica said...

Oh you just wait :) These days will seem so mellow!!!! But, I guess it's what keeps us young. (please tell my body that)

waldenhouse said...

Sounds about right! I am stunned at what my little guys manage to get into.

Kate said...

Julianna's favorite activities include banging aluminum mixing bowls together (which is my current serenade), banging on the piano, banging on the toy drums and xylophone...Well, anyway, you get the idea.

She's a stubborn little cuss about walking. We were hoping she'd walk before her little brother or sister came along, but that's now 4 weeks away so I think that boat has sailed. At 2 years and 2 weeks, she can take about 4 wobbly steps and then gives up. We're without PT for two weeks so now I'm trying to get better about working with her myself.