Monday, May 08, 2006

Linden Hills

We live in the best neighborhood in Minneapolis. Hands down. Linden Hills is in the heart of the city, yet it feels like a true community. It's almost like living in a small European neighborhood. We spent the weekend down at the park, letting Silvi explore and "bark" at passing dogs. Met a few friends to play frisbee and sit by the water.

When you get a chance, read more about Linden Hills here.


jon p. said...

I'm afraid you are mistaken. WE live in the best neighborhood in Minneapolis. Hands down. In Windom, we reap all the benefits of a steel fabrication plant running full production 24 hours a day, generating loud noises any time of the night that were heretofore unheard of, except during the finale of Terminator 2:Judgement Day. But wait, there's more. We also bask in the wonderful sounds of an annoying neighbor dog who feels compelled to bark at anything, for any reason. A leaf blowing in the wind? Must Bark, have no other option. Apparently, the dog's owner must be either incerdibly deaf, incredibly lazy, or incredibly inconsiderate (or some combination of the three). What could possibly top it all off, you ask? Well, how about a Metropolitan Airport Commission (MAC) that has chosen to renege on its promise of providing noise abatement/insulation to all houses inside the 60-64 dB sound contour? Yes, boys and girls, those DC9's really like to bank over the house when taking off - the 747's aren't the only ships pouring noise into the evening sky. You want to boast about true community? We have close, ongoing relationships with several of the Northwest fleet's underbellies.

When you get a chance, read more about Windom here.

Tom said...

I think you should be hired as a P.R. spokesman for the Windom Neighborhood Association.