Thursday, August 10, 2006

Give us some words

An excellent article by Peggy Noonan: What is the president's philosophy?
I continually wonder, and have wondered for two years, what his (the president's) philosophy is--what drives his actions.

Does he know? Is it a philosophy or a series of impulses held together by a particular personality? Can he say? It would be good if he did. People are not going to start feeling safe in the world tomorrow, but they feel safer with a sense that their leaders have aims that are intellectually coherent. It would be good for the president to demonstrate that his leadership is not just a situational hodgepodge, seemingly driven and yet essentially an inbox presidency, with a quirky tilt to the box. Sometimes words just can't help. But sometimes, especially in regard to the establishment or at least assertion of coherence, they can. And it's never too late. History doesn't hold a stopwatch, not on things like this.


confused conservative said...

It's about time more conservatives start coming out of the closet. Great article! I'm not sure what W is thinking either anymore but evertime he opens his mouth I find myself thinking, "Shut the [explicative] up." And I'm not even a cursing man.

And I voted for him twice. F&#k!

Tom said...

When you have conservatives like William F. Buckley having grave doubts about this president, it makes you think...