Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Avoiding work

Am trying to avoid working at this moment, and am succeeding wonderfully. "Smashing" success, to use a common British colloquialism. I'm scanning in more pictures for my "Photos" section (stop by), perusing YouTube (I stumbled across these four British clips; not for the easily miffed or the queasy), and, obviously, blogging.

The British clips reminded me of my outing to see Borat on Thanksgiving Day. Tracy, my sister, told me how much she and her husband laughed while watching Borat. (She also owns the film Se7en, which should have been a red flag.) After the meal, we brother-in-law's and father-in-law all went to see said movie, on my recommendation. Fortunately, my father-in-law slept for much of the film, as my brother-in-law's are no longer speaking to me. (well, they are, but they now question my taste in films; perhaps it was the recent outing to see Mel Gibson's Christmas family film, Apocalypto, that removed any doubts from their minds.)

I suppose, if one is called for, the moral of the story may go something like this: Borat was crude, and Gibson was rude, but rest assured, my sister is no prude.


Jon P. said...

hey... I thought seeing apacolypto was my idea!

I think that Mel Gibson's latest was worth seeing again, it resonated with all the old classics:
Last of the Mohicans (running through the forest for half the movie)
Surviving the game (the hunted becomes the hunter, ghetto style)
Rambo (a good, decent man... pushed over the edge)
Pink Floyd's The Wall (just kidding)

But now, I am worried: With the expectation developed over Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, will we be able to find a particularly inappropriate movie to go watch on Easter Sunday?

Tom said...

Perhaps, to commemortate one rising with another, Hannibal Rising? (Gaspard Ulliel plays the young Hannibal Lecter in this tale of the future cannibal's teenage years.)

Perhaps not.