Friday, April 13, 2007


Tonight we are showing My Country, My Country at the First Friday Films gathering. It's getting more difficult to show films at the church as we are gaining more visibility and are eliciting a few strong reactions. This month's selection is upsetting a few people because of the non-Christian perspective on the war in Iraq. One person who has attended the church for 13 years wrote a strong letter asking that only Christian films be shown in "his" church. Last month a few people got upset about the humanitarian slant in the particular film. Another small group of people want us to use more Scripture. The month before that we got a long letter denouncing the "pro-Palestinian" view of the film Gaza Strip.

We've been doing this for over a year and we've gotten one positive email. Oh well. That's how it goes when you try to do anything, I suppose. Lots of naysayers.

But people keep coming.


Denis Possing said...

Lynn and I were just talking to some new friends here about how much we miss our Saturday night movie sessions with you guys. It sounds like you're doing something pretty cool there now and I wish we could pop in to experience it with you. You'd get a positive e-mail from us for sure (if I got around to writing to you, of course)

Keep trudging along, I'm sure you're making a difference in people's lives (you did for us).

Tom said...

Appreciate it, Denis. Those were some of our best times in Seattle. Let me know if you have any advance bootleg films in Mandarin that I should be watching out for.