Monday, April 23, 2007

Patience is not my favorite virtue

Still no word from the one organization who promised to get back to me last week. I'm trying not to read into it. I called a few times but no return calls. I cope with the anxiety a few different ways. I try to control other areas of my life, like my website. I've been updating it as I wait. I'm trying to work on things that I will continue to do regardless of the outcome of other's decisions.

I also practice apathy. "Who cares if they offer me a position?" Of course, I do, but I won't tell myself that. Or watch a lot of tv, helping the hours pass. I write a little. Clean. Try not to check my email or voicemail too often.

Ultimately, it's not really up to me or those in the position to offer me a job. We make our plans, but... (see my previous post.)


Job Coach said...

The label for this post should not be "faith." It should be "Unprofessional." It is rude for an organization to not follow-up with an applicant--especially after an interview and follow-up calls. This is highly irregular and unprofessional.

Wait until Monday of next week. If still nothing, make sure they know how rude and unprofessional their hiring practices are.

They'll respond to that!

Tom said...

Just called again... they will get back to me "in a bit."