Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Faking it

What should be done about "diving" in football?
It's not that I support diving - it's just that there are far more important things in life to get worked up about than a few footballers rolling around in mock agony. We all know that footballers dive. They've been falling over for years. (more)


ocj said...

I have a shirt that says, "All football divers must die!"

Why? Because the outcome of a football game in a twisted, sick world where diving football is allowed rests on the shoulders of a referee, who must judge at a split second--sometimes from many metres away--the authenticity of the dive.

Furthermore, it "sissyfies" the game of football. Can you imagine a NBA dive or a NFL dive or a MLB dive? Let the players decide for themselves. Throw a few swings every once and awhile. Nothing could be better for the sport than a few hockey-style brawls. And nothing has brought more respect to the NBA, the NFL, the MLB, and the NHL than a bunch of men throwing swings and draw blood for the cause.

Hey. If you're not willing to take a fist or a ball or a bat or a hockey stick to the face for the love of the sport, then how can we respect you? How can we respect the sport? You want to dive? Change sports. I hear the US Olympic diving team is recruiting.

Tom said...

"Diving" is, no doubt, a cultural phenomenon. The Argentinians have got to be the worst. (Who can forget the images of Maradona, writhing around on the field, holding his ankle)

Which begs the question: What will happen this summer in Germany when the "divers" meet the "non-divers?" Will fair matches be possible? Will Manchester United, made up of largely non-divers, have a chance against, say Brazil, also notorious for theater?

I agree with ocj. The Maradonas of the world have ruled the game for too long.

Burn the shin guards.