Friday, April 14, 2006

Cristo degli Abissi

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Christ of the Abyss

[Updated] I was just sitting here, thinking about why this picture appeals to me. I posted it about an hour ago. It's Good Friday, so I felt compelled to post something to do with the occasion. I nearly posted this picture (too... artsy), then I nearly posted this picture. (from a place Annie and I visited in Lisbon... not quite right)

There is a feeling when you're diving, the weightlessness, the otherworldness, the... helplessness. When you're thirty to forty feet under water, you are at a threshold, a crossroads. Any deeper, and you begin to lose the light and your dive-time decreases. At fifty feet and deeper, your risk of the bends increases. Moving into shallow water brings more safety, yet many of the most beautiful sights lie in deeper water.

Cristo degli Abissi lies in 50-feet of water.

I guess I thought this picture was a great metaphor for my relationship with Christ. He keeps calls me into the deeper water. Not really an original thought, but it's mine for the day.

(or maybe I just couldn't think of a way to tie Nanni Moretti to Easter.)


Brett said...

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I will sit with this image for the rest of my life.

One element it resonates with me is how often we swim about our lives and miss the depth of "water" around us and often take for granted the enchanted universe in which we live.

Thanks, Tom
Hope you and your family have a memorable Easter

Tom said...

Appreciate the thoughts, Brett. Happy Easter from Annie, Silvi and I.