Monday, September 03, 2007

Our beautiful son Ian

Our beautiful little boy, Ian, joined Annie, Silvi and I this past Labor Day Weekend. He was born on Saturday afternoon at 12:45pm, weighing a healthy 7 lbs. 10 oz. Annie did most of her labor at home Friday night until the contractions told her, "Hey, get to the hospital!" She was only too happy to comply. Mom and Dad Eckblad picked Silvi up from our apartment at 7am and took her for a McDonalds breakfast while Annie and I drove through endless construction zones and bumpy roads to the hospital. Halfway there, Annie told me to, "Stop the car, NOW!" I pulled over and she got out to walk off the pain from the contraction. I followed her down the sidewalk, the open car door skimming the pavement. A few minutes later and we were back on our way over the graded road. They admitted us immediately, but because the contractions were still 10 minutes apart, didn't react with much urgency. That is, until they discovered how dialated Annie was. They were pretty amazed that she was only hours from giving birth with contractions spread so far apart. They rushed us up to the birthing room and started Annie on her legal Crack injection, the epidural. A few minutes later and Mommy Annie was drifting into anesthesia heaven.

The doctors and nurses were truly angels, and I'm not saying that lightly or in a weird way. There was so much peace surrounding Ian's birth, so much "Presence." From our caregivers, from our extended family waiting to hear from us, from God. Peace. Annie did not experience any pain, and there were no complications this time like there were with Silvi. Ian came into the world with a cute cry, fists pumping the air, little toes wiggling. Annie held him. I rocked him in a nearby rocking chair. The nurses took his weight and measured him. They all marveled at his blond hair.

Then one of the doctors gently told us the she thought that Ian had Down Syndrome.

The shape of his eyes and ears. The "simian" crease on both his palms. His little gorgeous flat nose. The space between his big toe and the rest of his other tiny wiggling toes. His large tongue. The bulge on the back of his neck. I hadn't noticed any of those things. I saw only my son, Ian.

Then they told us that he wasn't breathing correctly and took him from us.

That was Saturday around 1:30pm. We got to hold Ian for less than an hour before he was placed in an oxygen "tent." He requires a constant stream of oxygen in order to breath. His blood is too thick, they tell us. They thinned his blood. They performed an echocardiogram to make sure his heart is not deformed, an all-to-common struggle for Down Syndrome children. His heart is strong. They checked his lungs. They are clear and appear healthy.

They tell us to give him time. A nurse and a doctor with Down Syndrome children search for us to comfort and help us. Everyone is very encouraging and understanding. All of Annie's family and relatives drop in to greet little Ian into the world, to be with Annie and Silvi and me. Silvi is captivated by Ian. She likes his blue pacifier. "Ian has an owie," she tells everyone she meets.

We're not sure when Ian can come to his new home. Hopefully in a week or so. This is uncharted territory for our family, and it is scary. But my beautiful son Ian has a gift for the world. And I am excited to see what it might be.

Introducing Ian Thomas E.


T said...

Welcome to the world Beautiful Boy. We can hardly wait to meet you and hold you. Fight hard for us all. Our hearts are with you.
With Love from your Uncle Jim, Aunt Tracy and cousins - Emily, Hannah and Samuel

Anonymous said...

I love you, Ian. Just to look at your lovely little rose of a face brings me such joy. My love and constant prayers are yours today, tonight, and always.
Your loving Grandma E.

Anonymous said...

Ian looks like an Ecblad in that first picture, that's for sure!God bless his little heart and life.My love to all of you as well as many prayers.
Aunt Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How cool to actually be in Labor on labor day weekend :) We will be keeping you all in our hearts and prayers.

From Tracy's friend Julie Brinson

Your cousin said...

We REJOICE with you over your precious son, and our hearts are lifted in prayer for all of you.
Much love,

Brett said...

Love to each of you. Ian's glorious entry into this world has brought hope along with him. I hold you close my heart.


elsie said...

Oh, Tommy, he is beautiful!! And I love his name, too. We thought of Ian at one time, too. Tell Annie I said congradulations. You all and the wee one are in our prayers. Much love.

rebecca said...

Hello, I happened upon your blog while doing my usual Google blog search of all things Ds.

Congratulations on the birth of your new son. He is perfect! Wonderful photos.

I have a daughter with a little bit of something extra by way of her 21st chromosome also known as Down syndrome too. She turned 3 in July.

If you are interested in some positive uplifting reading, please check out the book Gifts. It is the best book on the market today, not that I am biased or anything.

Here is the link to our website:

I have also compiled a huge list of resources here:

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I look forward to reading about your beautiful baby boy.

amy flege said...

your son is beautiful!! welcome to the wonderful world of down syndrome...... we too were surprised when our sweet mayson was born and she had something extra.... she has been the best thing that ever happened to us.... you can check out our blog if you like at

Kari said...

Congratulations. What a beautiful sweet baby boy!!! Enjoy him they grow too fast!!

Megan's got 47 said...

Oh my goodness, he is beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS ON IAN!!!!
Your life will truly change but only for the better, I PROMISE!
The perfect family!
again congratulations!

mum2brady said...

I found your blog linked from a friends :) Just wanted to say - Congratulations and welcome to the world Ian :) He is beautiful - and he will amaze you and bless your family :)

Again - Congrats!!!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

What a beautiful birth story. I love the part when you said I don't see any of those things, I just see my son. Awesome! Truly Awesome!

THE Mommy said...

Tom, thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my post about my friend's baby. It does help to know that they will not be alone. There seems to be such a great network of support around the web.
We actually live on a street called "Ian's Way". Your Ian is beautiful. Good luck with his upcoming surgery. Your family will be in my thoughts.