Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Response, and a congratulations!

To say that I was simply amazed at the response to my previous post would be putting it lightly. To all that commented, thank you for your encouragement and insights. I spent some time with many of you (on your blogs) last night and it did help to quell some of the feelings of being alone on this journey. I wish I could respond to each person who wrote, and maybe I will in the coming weeks as soon as Ian leaves the hospital and we can establish something resembling a routine. Again, thanks for the words.

I also want to welcome my niece, Lucy P., into the world. Congratulations Jon and Sharon (and Lucy's older brother, Caleb)!


BStrong said...

Congrats to you and the family. Welcome to our little club where 21 is perfect. It's nice to see another dad posting. We are a minority my friend and must stick together:)

Those were some greats pics that you posted. I like the ones with the billtu lights; just like something out of a sci-fi movie. Our daughter Amanda (our ticket into the club) was sent home with billy lights, our bedroom was pretty funky at night with the blue glow on our yellow walls.

Come visit my site sometime. I used to post more often, but have been a little lazy lately. Read my post "Open Letter"

Congrats again. We look forward to hearing about the good the bad and the ugly.

Jessica said...

Just remember, you are not alone. When we found out that Joey has Down syndrome, the main thing that helped me was reading other parent's blogs. It truely helped to know that my husband and I weren't alone. I wasn't ready to face other families in person but being able to read their blogs in the privacy of our own home was so comforting. Again congrats on the birth of your handsome little boy!

Princess Morgan said...

Hi there- This is Morgan's Mommy this time (Robin). First, congratulations!!!! I can't even tell you what an incredibly wonderful journey you were 'chosen' to embark on. We totally know where you are at with emotions right now. I look back at the VERY wasted tears we shed when we found out about Morgan having a lovely extra chromosome. They were tears only for the fear of the unknown. Now that we know what a wonderful blessing we have we could not be happier. You, too, will look back on these scarey, early days and realize there was nothing to fear and no dreams will die. Ian is going to show you many amazing things in life. You will be amazed with every little thing he does. I don't know where you live but the only thing I would suggest (when you get a chance) is contact your Family Resources Coordinator for your county (the 0-3 program) ASAP. We waited until Morgan was 4 months old because we did not know. Call now! They are a huge help! I promise, in a short time, you will do nothing but smile when you even think or see your sweet Ian and the tears will disappear forever...unless of course they are tears of joy. God bless! Please feel free to write us ANYTIME! Gregg is also a wonderful Daddy who adores his little girl.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Hi Tom,

I wanted you to know about something called the Buddy Walk. It started in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) and there is one close by you. I've copied the details for you below. If you want more info, go to www.buddywalk.org. This would be a great way for you to connect with some local individuals.

Again, congrats on the birth of your beautiful son. I loved the pics.

Kristy Gillig
aka Dylan and Jonah's Mom


Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota

Address: Saint Paul, MN, 55114
Country: United States
Buddy Walk Date: 10/07/2007

Details: The Walk begins at the east picnic area of Como Park; we walk around Como Lake and then come back to the picnic area for a catered lunch. Moonwalks, balloons, clowns, facepainting, musical entertainment.

Website: http://www.dsamn.org
Contact Info: Kathleen Forney
Phone: 6516030720
Email: kathleen@dsamn.org

Tom said...

Appreciate the thoughts and links everyone; I'll pop by your blogs when I get a chance. And I'll check into the Buddy Walk. Thanks for the link.