Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lunch break, d*%$@t!

I'm taking a lunch break today, d*%$@t!

Right now I'm putting together a tedious hour long video to be shown at a conference on Thursday. As is often the case, the deadlines are so tight that there is no time to mail or FedEx the final video, so I have to host it on an FTP site where the client can download it from their location. Not a lot of room for errors.

There have been a few times where I've had to work 26-27 consecutive hours to finish up. Fortunately not this time.

You know you're stressed when you get to the Wendy's drive-thru and curse the fact that there are two cars in front of you. Or you start fantasizing about super gluing pencils to your fingernails and calling yourself The Leadinator. Or begin wondering how aerodynamic your EZKeyboard is when the client asks for the text to be just a little bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, too big, a little smaller, a little brighter, too bright, a little less drop shadow, on second thought, let's not have any text after all.

Ahh, the Wendy's Number Seven Combo meal. You demand nothing of me and, oh, how you comfort me.


amber said...

HA! Don't go loopy on us, Tom! Hang in there:)

Brett said...

Just keep telling yourself:
"It's only a movie; it's only a moviee"

Tricia said...

I call it success when I don't know what the #7 is off the top of my head. How's that for excitement?

Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga...chew chew?


Anonymous said...

Very funny! I like the spicy chicken - it goes well with my trying-to-be-more-healthy/organic/local-buying lifestyle.



Tom said...

Amber: What do you mean GO loopy? I've always been a bit crazy. :)

Brett: "It's only a moviee, it's only a moviee." By the way, what is a moviee? :)

Tricia: I call it success when I don't supersize the #7... I'm pathetic. :)

Elsie: I feel proud of myself when I order any sandwich with lettuce on it. :)