Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Music, sweet music (name that tune)

One of these days I'm going to upload some video clips of Silvi dancing. Even at two-and-a-half years old, it's evident that she's a born dancer. (Takes after mom.) And that's not just coming from proud-ole'-dad; others have commented on the way she can follow complex moves and how she improvises them to create her own unique dance. She's basically memorized the steps in this video, although that's probably not something I should be bragging about. (For those without high speed connections or don't like to click on links, it's a video of Robbie Williams "dancing." I was watching it one day and noticed she was trying to copy the moves and it kind of took on a life of its own from there.)

I'm too self-aware to be a good dancer. Dancing requires an abandonment to self, and, control freak that I am, I have to learn to live with the fact that I'll probably never bust a move on the dance floor. At least not the kind of moves that don't attract looks of horror. I once went on a blind date in my late teens and the girl started laughing at me on the dance floor.

If and or when we ever buy a house of our own, I want to have a space dedicated to music and dance. (I'll be the DJ.) Right now in our apartment, our bed serves as the dance floor for Silvi as she spins, twirls and does whatever it is you want to call what Robbie Williams does.

I mentioned my penchant for stadium rock. But on our "dance nights," I'll cue up anything from Middle-Eastern techno to the latest Bollywood hits from India to love songs from Brazil to The Itsy Bitsy Spider or Jack Johnson, specifically the theme to Curious George. It cracks me up to hear Silvi request a J-Pop song from Japan, "I want to hear Suki Nana!"

If I could learn to do one thing, it would be to learn to dance well. For now, it'll be me and Silvi bouncing around the bedroom, groovin' to The Wheels on the Bus.


bella said...

LEo's dancing frees me. He has no self-consciousness, no wondering if he looks like a fool. It is all about feeling the music in his body and letting it move through him.
Though I'm not sure I would dance in public the way I do with him at home, it is a rush and release.

Carole said...

You have a few years, but by the time Silvi is in jr high, the schools start having father, daughter dances so you might want to take lessons. You wouldn't want to embarrass her would you?

I can't dance a lick, but they never have mother/son dances so I was good to go.

Laurie said...

That's awesome. I've tried-- many, many times-- to inspire Ian to get his groove on. But my boy is NOT a dancer. Will not do it. Maybe Chase will be just uninhibited enough to break it down.

Anonymous said...

Adam LOVES when we dance, he doesn't quite understand why mom and dad wont break out and dance when guests are over but that doesn't stop him from dancing for anyone who will watch :) His cousins taught him "soldier boy" and I'm pretty sure he'll be impressed with Robbie when I show him the video. ~Monica~

Tom said...

Isabel: Nice to know there is someone else out there "dancing" behind closed doors. :)

Carole: Now why did you have to go and ruin my day. sigh... time to break out the Yellow Pages.

Laurie: Alright, Chase, we're all pulling for you to help your mom get her groove on. :)

Monica: Adam, meet Silvi. Silvi, meet Adam. Now dance. :)

Anonymous said...

Take Annie salsa dancing -- Dave's,downtown,Tuesday nights, 9:00-12:00 midnight (better call first -- it may be ballroom dancing night!). You don't really have to know how to do it, just get out there and wiggle and jiggle around. It's a lot of fun! I wish we could take Silvi and watch her enjoy the dance!


Yes, Luke, we take chips with our salsa!