Monday, April 28, 2008

Date with Silvi

Ian met with his PT and teacher today. He's doing phenomenal with his motor skills and is at about a six-month-old level as far as his speech is concerned (he's eight months old this week). He may be falling a bit behind there, but wow, can he ever suck on his big toe, which is more than his pop can do.

Even though I had the whole weekend off of work for once, I still had to put in twelve hours today. I realized that all this overtime has been a little hard on Silvi, especially when I got a call from her at 6:30 this morning, crying because I wasn't home when she got up. So tonight was one of our date nights. She and I were planning to head back to our favorite spot, the Global Market, but she decided that a ride on the merry-go-round at the Mall of America was in order. Food Network guru Alton Brown was there signing his book for a few hundred fans, but we opted for a quick plate of greasy Chinese food followed by a carousel ride atop a broken plastic horse. But Silvi was thrilled, which is more than can said for the merry-go-round operator. I don't blame him, because really, how many times can you tell people not to step off of the moving ride before you want to run screaming from the mall with a hand full of arcade tokens and a bag of day old cotton candy?

Even though I usually try to make it home by diner each night, which often means being at work before the rooster crows, I'm still pretty shot when I pull into the driveway at night. I hate how work saps the best part of me. I remember reading a quote somewhere that when a parent gets home after work that their children receive only their temperament, not their teaching. Anyway, it's probably the lack of sleep that's got me quoting writers who get to sit around all day and imagine what it's like to have a real job. No offence if you're a writer. I'm just jealous.

I hope Silvi remembers these little date nights. They're usually the highlight of my week. That, and watching Ian suck his toe.


eclexia said...

I enjoy hearing the fun things you and Silvi do.
And even though I work at home (x2, as a single Mom, stay-at-home, and as a medical transcriptionist), many days I feel like my kids get more of my temperament than they do my teaching. Or, alternatively, I'm afraid of the teaching they're getting from my temperament...

And congrats to Ian on mastering the toe sucking thing :)

RK said...

I can only say that I also had little time with my dad at Silvi's age, but we went on "Bible lessons" each week, had a little book to memorize from, a story to learn and talk about, and we always got goodies from some place--could be a convenience store or a coffee shop--but I still remember those trips as highlights. They were short and not nearly as culturally significant as your dates, but it matters. And she will remember. Don't stop.

waldenhouse said...

Ian sounds like he is doing fantastic.

I imagine Silvi just loves being in your presence, that is teaching her a lot. What great memories you guys are creating with your date nights!

Terri said...

you have a really lovely little family, and every time i hear about your outings with silvi i have to smile. i hope your job begins to loosen up a little so you get more time with annie and the kids.

Tom said...

eclexia: Teaching, temperament and toe sucking... the three t's. :)

RK: Very cool that you had a dad doing all that with you.

Walden: It was easier before she started to realize that she has a say in what we do. :)

terri: thanx, and I've been meaning to comment on you last few posts but... blasted procrastination bug.