Tuesday, April 08, 2008


This is my first experience with raising a three-year-old, so there are many new wonders for me to absorb. One of them is imagination; Silvi's imaginary life is in full bloom, and I've got to say, it's more fun than chewing Hubba Bubba watermelon gum on a hot summer day.

She's constantly inviting - demanding - me to join her on her magic (towel) carpet for a ride above the trees or to hide from the beast or to sword fight against said beast, which isn't such a bad beast after all. "Would you like a cup of tea, beast?" When she's scared, like when we go into the dark laundry room, she covers her eyes with both hands as if that will somehow provide a protective shield around her.

We read to her, tell her stories and she loves scary movies that I probably shouldn't let her watch. Like the dragon fight scene (and only this scene) in Beowulf. (And I'm not that bad of a parent; I watched it first and remembered the parts to fast-forward through. No head-biting, heart-ripping or dismemberment's for my little girl. Not till she's four.)

Silvi turns three on Friday. I wonder where she'll take me this year.


Terri said...

she sounds like such a blast. lucky dad. lucky silvi.

Anonymous said...

She'll take you very far. :> You might even get imaginary friends. Ours is "Diaper." Yeah. And then a second friend came along. His name is "Rubber" "You mean rubber band," I say. "No, just Rubber."

I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

She takes me on wild rides when I get into my "Wardrobe" stories (sound familiar?) We've flown off to sit on rainbows and break off little bits to eat, since they are made of "dee-licous!" candy; we've flown to stars and sat on the edge, dangling our feet and looking around at the heavens; we've even landed our wobbly wardrobe on a "bootiful cloud!!!), that is really a huge marshmallow, and made s'mores. So I can also hardly wait to see where our little wardrobe takes us this year. Happy Birthday, precious Silvi.

Grandma E.

waldenhouse said...

What fun! Hope you guys have fun celebrating three and may she never loose the ability to imagine great things!

bella said...

What a poignant depiction of the worlds children open us to, invite us into.
Happy birthday!

Chad said...

i like that "not till she's 4"

Monica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILVI!!!!!! Ian is a very lucky boy to have you as his big sister!!!!

God is Great Beauty Salon said...

A late Happy Birthday!
Must be amazing to take part in the world of a three year old. And Silvi seem to be a special one on top of that.
Guess every age/development stage has its own greatness.
I'm loving watching my daughter develop already, and I can't wait till when she can actually talk.