Monday, April 14, 2008

Twenty-four little hours

I'm putting in a 24-hour day today - continuous, that is. It started at 4am and, judging by how long it's taking to burn these DVD's here at the office, I'll be heading home around 4am. Back at 8am for a showing. Gotta love this industry.

I did, however, take a few hours away to walk to the lake on this awesome Spring evening with Annie and the kids. So many dogs to pet, swings to test, train tracks to... pretend a girl monster is coming around the corner? All righty then.

I've still got my winter legs - pasty white and as weak as Keanu Reeves' acting in Much Ado About Nothing. Time to break (hopefully not literally) out the skateboard, I suppose. Fat, long-haired 40-year-old on a longboard. You will NOT see that picture on this site.

Did my taxes a few minutes ago online to the sound of dentist drills burning to DVD. Not recommended. Hope I didn't forget to carry the 1; happy tax day.

Update: It's 4:06am. Do you know where your video editor is?


Kim Ayres said...

I'm waiting for the spycam of you on the skateboard to appear on YouTube...

bella said...

i just got a sight of my own pasty white skin in the mirror the other day. it was rather frightening.

Terri said...

oh tom, please post the picture of you on the skateboard. that would make me smile.

you know, sometimes when i'm out and about i look around to see if i can find you and annie and silvi and ian. one of these days we'll bump into each other. (you'll be really freaked out, but i promise i'm not stalking your family.)

get some sleep silly.

Tom said...

Kim: Unless you are training to be a deep sea diver, don't hold your breath.

Isabel: Yes indeedy. :)

Terri: See my response to Kim :) And how about getting together next week sometime? I'm horrible at setting "real life" social get togethers. :)

Terri said...

only if your schedule looks less manic than this post. email me bro.