Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Here are a few things I've enjoyed in the last week or so:

"How come Republicans and Democrats out here don't schmooze with each other?" Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, R-Calif., asked in a speech Monday at the National Press Club in Washington. The journalists in the audience had plenty of questions for the action-star-turned-politician, too.

New York Times syndicated columnist Thomas Friedman spoke about his ideas on green politics, as well as the war in Iraq, at an event last week in Minneapolis.

In a four-and-a-half-hour special, News War, FRONTLINE examines the political, cultural, legal, and economic forces challenging the news media today and how the press has reacted in turn. Through interviews with key figures in the print and electronic media over the past four decades -- and with unequaled, behind-the-scenes access to some of today's most important news organizations, FRONTLINE traces the recent history of American journalism, from the Nixon administration's attacks on the media to the post-Watergate popularity of the press, to the new challenges presented by the war on terror and other global forces now changing -- and challenging -- the role of the press in our society.

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