Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Surfing the web

There are some good ways to get some unique info on the web. One of them is called Stumble Upon, which allows you join a loose community of like minded websurfers who rate their favorite sites. I've found alot of good information there.

I also have a mirror website over at narrowridge.zaadz.com, where I've started a discussion group; it calls back my days at Antioch University. They are a unique, and fun, crowd at Zaadz.

Of course there's Youtube for a few wasted hours. I also joined Revver, where you can actually make some money with your videos. (I haven't uploaded any yet) And then there's Digg, another community that votes of favorite sites and information.

These days I've been researching Eastern Orthodoxy as well as doing a little work on my Narrow Ridge website. (which I hope to update soon)

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