Thursday, June 05, 2008

The car

This past Sunday was our first "real" summer day. Eighty and sunny. We drove over to St. Paul for their annual Grand Old Days celebration, a block party with food vendors, live music, art and things for the kids to do, such as pony rides, inflatable slides and a petting zoo.

Going anywhere with Silvi has become a challenge lately. She behaves well once we arrive at our destination, but the whole "getting out the door, walking to the car, buckling up" is frequently a traumatic event for the whole family.

Getting dressed is a game of chase. And there is the choice of shorts or a "flip" dress. (A "flip" dress is a dress that "flips" out in a nice circle when Silvi twirls. The higher the dress "flips," the more likely she is to approve of it.) Then, of course, are the decisions whether to take her doll, backpack or both. Sandals or tennis shoes. Socks or no socks.

Ian is easy.

Once outside, it's a game of tag. Or looking at ants, smelling flowers or crawling into "daddy's side" of the car. Squirm, squiggle, scream. Squirm, squiggle, scream.

Once we finally pull out of the driveway, her favorite game is to ask "Why?" Over and over. I've started answering, "Chicken pot pie."

The event in St. Paul was too hot, the lines too long, the food too expensive, the crowds too thick. Silvi had a blast.

Until it was time to go back to the car.


Jessie said...

oh yes, the flip dress - a must have for every little girl...I bet all the whys and all the little girl decisions will one day turn into a smart, capable young woman who knows exactly what she wants :o)

Elbog said...

Ahh, domestic bliss!

Terri said...

hey tom, you probably walked right past my house. grand old days ("days" even though it's now only a one day event) is the day of the year that i feel like i live in one of those tourist areas where i get to be one of the locals despising the tourists. (of course, had i known you and your family were a part of that throng i would have smiled and waved and found you a parking space.) my kids used to play a game where you were awarded points for every drunk crying girl you spotted or for every young frat boy with no shirt and a hat worn backwards.

Anonymous said...

This sorta made me laugh after yesterday's post. Silvi's drinking the elixir of which you spoke to see what will happen. :>