Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Toddler theology

Silvi stumped me last night.

She was stomping on ants.

"Silvi, remember how we talked about how it's better for things to live than to kill them?"

"Uh huh." Stomp stomp.

"Come on, Sivli. Stop killing the ants."

"But you said dead things go to be with God. I want them to be with God."


"And you said God helps us. God can help these ants, right?"


She leans down and talks to a crushed ant. "Come on, little guy. It's OK. You can get better."

"Uh, Silvi, just stop stepping on ants, OK?"


Kim Ayres said...

"Kill them all, God will know his own"

She could have been a Crusader...

Elbog said...

Ha! My first thought was that she sounds like some of the Generals we've had in our ranks, ala Kim's comment.
Good Luck with your young philosopher, Dad.

beans said...

OMG-that's too funny. Made me laugh which was badly needed today. Thanks Silvi.

Oh, and BTW, my DP and sister used to smash lightening bugs when they were little to make eye shadow . . .EWEEEE

amber said...

HA! Gotta love 3 year olds!!!

waldenhouse said...

Ha, I have had some similar conversations with my oldest and they usually end the same way. With me eventually, and exacerbated, telling him to just do as I say!

Thanks for the laugh.

Terri said...'re going to have to really be on your toes for this one!

Nick McGivney said...

At least she only stumped you and saved the stomping for the ants.


Childlife said...

Tom - Just had to drop by and tell you that I had stopped over here to pick up your email and this post just cracked me up!

We have a little theologian like this at our place too and Silvi's observations had us in stitches =)

~Michelle @ In The Life of a Child

Sandra said...

I like Silvi's way of thinking! I've had problems with earwigs visiting my home. Have felt a bit bad killing them, but I can't stand them. Now I can kill them without feeling bad :)