Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer of fairs

It's turning into the summer of art fairs and street festivals. Three weeks ago was the Grand Old Day in St. Paul, two weeks ago was the Excelsior Art on the Lake, last week we went to the Stone Arch Festival in the Minneapolis Riverfront District and this weekend (this afternoon, actually) we head to Hayward, Wisconsin for the Musky Fest.

We'll stay in a cabin on the lake with my parents, who are finishing up a two-week writing sabbatical. They're both trying to finish up books and are hoping two weeks in the boonies will do it. Personally, I need the sounds of clinking coffee cups to write, but that's just me. They talked about hearing bears scrounging around in the night (saw a few of them, big ones); don't know how much writing I would get done wondering if a bear was going to wander onto the porch, looking for an afternoon snack.

And the rest of the summer? A Twins baseball game on July 5th, my company's employee picnic the following weekend, the Uptown Art Fair in the beginning of August, then a week in Chicago and Detroit with family. A trip to Los Angeles in September and that about does it for the summer of 2008.

So, are you supposed to run or stay still if you meet a bear in the woods?


Elbog said...

I guess the question is, will there be (an) a fair to remember?
Sounds like a full calendar.

Terri said...

hey, i was at the stone arch fair too. another close encounter of the tom and annie and silvi and ian kind.