Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Yesterday I spent the day in the cocoon of a video shoot. The outside world fades as all our attention is focused on getting the shots on the script before the talent has to leave. We had no crew to speak of, just my boss and me. Another training video.

Annie trained Silvi to use the toilet with M&M bribes. It worked stupendously. A few days ago while we were at the park, Silvi got a faraway look in her eyes, then sprinted toward the bathroom without taking a look back to see if I was following her, which I was.

Ian, it seems, will be crawling any day now. He is able to get up on all fours and rock his way backward. We are much more careful now about leaving him on our bed alone.

It seems we are all involved in some kind of learning - training - these days. I have been teaching myself 3D animation during down time at work with the hopes of using it in an upcoming project. It's comforting to be able to create a world that responds to all the instructions I give it. Control... the ultimate elixir.


Kim Ayres said...

When we stop learning, we start dying

Kim Ayres said...

Sorry, that comes across as grimmer than I intended

Lori said...

I wish someone would refer to me as "the talent". That doesn't happen very often for bookkeepers though. *Sigh*. I can also be bribed with M & M's by the way, so Silvi is a girl after my own heart!

Elbog said...

The most successful artists I've known extend their craft to the commercial - those training videos keep your skills sharp. In my advanced years, it strikes me that I can remember all of the lyrics to the theme from "Gilligan's Island", yet can't remember many important things. Learn as much as you can. . . and you already know that those control issues are just the fundamentals for future leaps.
Thanks for the brain candy.

Anonymous said...

Just stoping in to say hi.