Friday, June 06, 2008

Websites for toddlers

When Silvi was 18-months-old, she started mimicing what I did on the computer. It didn't take much coaching for her to learn to navigate to the sites I bookmarked for her on the tool bar. In addition to PBS Kids, my two favorite sites are Poisson Rouge and the BBC's CBeebies. Poisson Rouge is an excellent place for toddlers to learn to use the computer mouse. And children of all ages will love the CBeebies Charlie and Lola, especially the fun story I'm Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go To Bed.


Anonymous said...

Tom, We also love Poisson Rouge ... but be sure to check out another Fun, Kids site, Ziggity Zoom,

It has lots of fun things for kids 2-8. Online stories, online coloring, games and activities and it's easy for preschoolers to navigate. Watch the little Rocket Car zoom across the page. If you know of other great sites we are always interested.

Kim Ayres said...

We have that book for Meg - it's one of her favourites. In fact I had to record it for her on her MP3 player