Friday, August 29, 2008


I've been following the coup in Fiji over the last few weeks and months, mainly because I was a cameraman on a video shoot to the capital city of Suva where I got to interview Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase (in the news today) and President Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

That's me and one of the Secret Service agents in the Presidential Palace. (You can see how hot it was by the sweat on my shirt!)


nica said...

I somehow came across your blog, and of course was intrested since I also have a 8yr son with ds and we are in MN :). At first I thought you might have met my son and hubby last night, my son requested last year that we let him grow his hair out. Older brother still not happy about it,and loves to tell my son to "get a haircut" daily :) I loved that he expressed a desire of what he wanted (even if it was because he wanted to look like Bo Bice from American Idol, although now he says he is trying to look like Sanjya (hubby not happy about that one) although I did have to say no when he asked if he could have black hair like sanjys) anywhoo:) I just wanted to say we will keep Ian in our prayers for his upcoming surgery. My little (big) guy had heart surgery at 2months and 5 lbs. and now at 8 yr. old you'd never know it, he has more energy than the average 8 yr.old I swear :) Do you know about the DS walk this sunday como park??? Great, super fun event, highly recommend it :) God bless, Monica

Tom said...

Monica: Thanks for popping in. I wear my hair long and when I used to live in Seattle, I was rarely confused for a woman from the back (such as in restaurants) Here in MN it happens all the time.

Thanks for the invite to Como; we're still up in the air about it. Glad to know your son is doing great; gives us some hope. Hope to bump in to you all one day. Take care.