Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why I think we should see Tropic Thunder

I'll tell you why after I see the film this weekend.


Trish said...

Not sure I'm following you on this one, but looking forward to reading your comments.

Elbog said...

I understand, and I think you should. I very much enjoy Roger Ebert on just about any subject; I really liked his review of "Step Brothers", where he commented on the fact that most of the 'humor' in the movie was just plain mean. I looked forward to his review of TT. Out today, it makes no mention of this particular topic. He focuses on the movie, and gave it 3 and a half stars.
Sure, I think a lot of 'our' community has over-reacted. I think it's a lot of things - a focus for some general anger, perhaps. Very few folks have picked up the fact, for example, that Etan Coen made a movie last year titled "My Wife is a Retard."
Alrighty, then.
I understand the context of the dialog. It hurts me that a movie with this sort of pedigree and audience would not see the potential for interjecting a term like "full retard" into the popular culture. My daughter is "full retard", and I object to the facilitation of her being labeled that way for the next couple of years. That's all it needs for me. Sorry.
I haven't made a big stink about it, it's a personal choice I've made based upon what I've read.
I look forward to your thoughts on seeing it, as I enjoyed very much your post about Crispin Glover's work. I expect it to be unique, and thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

I'll check back in with you on that. Interested to see what you say.

Anonymous said...

I've read a lot of negative thoughts on this subject. Glad to see an open mind willing to check it out. Can't wait to read your feedback on the movie and its content.

Lori said...

There's a protest at our movie theater tomorrow night organized by our local Special Olympics and the director of our Regional Center. They will be handing out a flyer that has some facts about people with intellectual disabilities. Evan wants to go, I kind of do too but am not altogether sold on the idea. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

I would also suggest reading Jeff McNair's comment today over at disabledchristianity.blogspot.com

Wishing you all the best.

Chris said...

I think that people should see Tropic Thunder too.

I just don't wish people didn't have to pay to see it. Maybe if this movie is hit in its pocket books, Hollywood learn some restraint.

Funny how the controversy over it is actually making the real actors appear as clueless and self absorbed as the characters they are portraying in the film.


Tom said...

Appreciate the comments, everyone, and I'm planning to catch the film as soon as I can so I can join the conversation.

Anonymous said...