Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ian meets with the ENT at 11:00 then has his ABR test an hour after that. Because the test requires the use of anesthesia, he hasn't been able to eat all morning. And because it's a sleep test, he hasn't been able to take his morning nap either.

Silvi stayed the night with my parents and Annie's trying to keep Ian's mind off food and sleep with a walk in the park. I'm at work and haven't heard from her so I'm hoping he's not too uncomfortable.

An ABR at noon? Nuts.

Update 3pm: Ian is still in an anesthesia-induced sleep and everything is going well. One little boy is going to be famished when he wakes up, which should be in an hour or so.


Elbog said...

That is nuts. Hope you get some good (useful, meaningul) results.

Lori said...

Don't 'cha love all the acronyms we have to learn? You taught me a new one today. :) Do they think he has sleep apnea?

Hope it goes well for you guys.