Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Benchmark - 3 years

I have finally lived in the same house/ apartment/ farm/ dorm/ barracks/ cabin for longer than 3 years!

Maybe I really will settle down - eventually. My moves: (I consider it a move if I move somewhere and stay there for longer than a month without really knowing where I'm moving to next. I'm sure I'm missing one or two. My mom keeps track for me.)
  1. "The Treehouse Apartment" - Columbia, South Carolina
  2. Parsonage - Columbia, South Carolina
  3. Mission Guest house - Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  4. Spanish School Apartment - Cochabamba, Bolivia
  5. (Cow Dung) House - San Javier, Bolivia
  6. Guest house with Ayore Indians - Poza Verde, Bolivia
  7. Temporary House waiting to go to US - Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  8. "The Little White" House - Columbia, South Carolina
  9. House with a pool - Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  10. House by the botanical gardens - Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  11. Grandparents house - St. Albans, West Virginia
  12. Farmhouse - Racine, Wisconsin
  13. Trailer Park - Warsaw, Indiana
  14. House by the plaza - Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  15. House with the garage - Lexington, KY
  16. Aqua Motel for a few weeks - West Palm Beach, FL
  17. "The Pines" townhouse - West Palm Beach, FL
  18. The Hot House - Lake Worth, FL
  19. College dorm room - Chicago, IL
  20. House with the pool - West Palm Beach, FL
  21. Army Barracks for Boot Camp - Ft. Benning, GA
  22. Army Barracks - Ft. Riley, KS
  23. Two months in the desert - Ft. Irwin, CA
  24. REFORGER (Return of Forces to Germany) - All over Germany
  25. Jungle Training - Panama
  26. House with the pool - West Palm Beach, FL
  27. College dorm room - Chicago, IL
  28. Shack by the beach - Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
  29. Parent's apartment - Denver, CO
  30. Apartment while going to another college - Denver, CO
  31. Apartment with Mr. K and the syrup - Minneapolis, MN
  32. First apartment with Annie - Richfield, MN
  33. Apartment on Sunny st. - Colorado Springs, CO
  34. Tiny, tiny, tiny cabin on the hill - Manitou Springs, CO
  35. Friends house - London, England
  36. Spooky Chateau - Outside of Paris, France
  37. Friends Apartment - Paris, France
  38. Friends Apartment - Barcelona, Spain
  39. School Dorm - Lisbon, Portugal
  40. School Dorm - Athens, Greece
  41. Guest house - Pristina, Kosovo
  42. Farmhouse - St. Louis, France
  43. Friends house - Weir, Germany
  44. Apartment, Colorado Springs, CO
  45. Living with my inlaws - Plymouth, MN
  46. "Retirement Home" Apartment - St. Louis Park, MN
  47. Across from the Locks Apartment - Seattle, WA
  48. Living - again - with my inlaws - Plymouth, MN
  49. "Wife beater" (not me) apartment - Minneapolis, MN
  50. Current awesome apartment - Linden Hills, MN
Sometimes when I'm driving home from work, I forget where I live. No, really, I do.


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Anonymous said...

So sorry that I forgot one other place where you lived as a 2 yr old -- we lived with the Arturo Aranas's in their house in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
51 homes for you! That's amazing. I only have 38!!!!

With love and prayers for your continued sanity,

Tara Marie said...

Incredible.....that would be incredible if those were just places you visited, but those are places you lived. Wow.

I've lived in 7 place in 44 years....and current place has been for the last 21 years.

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