Thursday, August 21, 2008

A little France in MN

Last night Annie surprised me by arranging for her sister to babysit the kids. She took me on a date to a trendy little French bar/restaurant called Salut then to a French film - Ne le dis à Personne - playing right around the corner in one of my favorite theaters.

Annie's feeling her freedom now that Ian has moved on to solid foods and formula; she went all out and got a steak chased by a Cosmopolitan, which she said made her tipsy but I think she was hamming it up a bit. The film was a tad heavy and left me feeling like I had sand in my bathing suit, but it was excellent being able to stay out late on a warm summer night with my best friend. And you just gotta love that quote in the picture. (You have to click on it so you can see who said it.)