Thursday, August 14, 2008

More challenges

I did go to a nearly sold out screening of Tropic Thunder last night, feeling very much like a scab crossing the picket line. Since the issues surrounding the film are so important - and wrapped in emotion - I want to think over what I really thought about it a little more. I'll probably get to posting about it tomorrow.

The sleep test conclusions show that Ian does in fact have hearing loss in the 25 - 50 decibel range, which unfortunately is where most conversation lies. (The doctors classify this as "mild to moderate" hearing loss, but I don't think those terms are very helpful.) In other words, 50 to 100% of average spoken conversation will be missed without hearing aids. (On this chart, if you look at the left-hand column you'll see the dB ranges and what Ian will misses in that range.)

Next steps? Get molds made of Ian's ears, have hearing aids fitted, run tests to make sure the amplification is only amplifying the sounds he is missing and not other decibel ranges, starting speech therapy and then trying to help Ian keep the little $5000 buggers in.

I'm so glad we caught this sooner than later. I know it's going to be a major hassle for Ian - and for Annie - who spends enough time in waiting rooms as it is, but I can't wait for the day when I get to hear Ian compose his first sentence.

Even if it is, "Dad, I flushed my hearing aids down the potty."


Elbog said...

Be careful what you wish for, LOL.

beans said...

maybe you can get those things that attach the binky's to their clothes. you can attach them to the hearing aids. i have a 4 yer old i work with who we are trying to have keep those buggers in. maybe it will be good he will have them early and they can just be a part of him that he gets used to over time. who knows. glad you have some answers!!

rickismom said...

Did they tell you the price? Ricki's (she has D.S., age 13) cost about $3000, and believe me, when they got lost I paniced!

You are so lucky to find this out now!

We use "eargear", and I highly (highly highly) recomend it!

Nick McGivney said...

Please God you'll find that Ian has all the hearing he could need. Interested because hearing looks like one area where our wee man Jacob will be compromised. As for TT, do NOT feel like a dirty rotten sellout (lol) because it is important that a true sense of perspective can be formed by an advocate from inside The Life, iykwim. Pat Bauer did a good job on it too at her site. I hope you snuck in... lol. Please don't say it was too funny because while I'm ranting about it all over the place I'm still teed off that I'll miss (most of) it. Well done, and good luck Ian.

Chris said...

Glad you can keep your sense of humor.

I'm sorry that Ian will need hearing aids, but I hope you are finding some solace in knowing you caught his hearing loss early so you can address it.

I tend to agree with "beans"--it might work to your advantage that is getting them while he is so young. I could see it being harder to first introduce hearing aids to a 3 or 4 year old.

Anonymous said...