Sunday, March 09, 2008

Church, two books and some video projects

This morning we had breakfast at Patrick's Bakery, a cafe that is located inside of a greenhouse and serves terrific French pastries. I tried to take some pictures of Silvi against some of the colorful flowers, but she has become camera shy lately. I think I did manage to capture one or two shots without her in flight away from the lens.

During the kid's nap time, I bought two books - Notes on the Making of Apocalypse Now by Eleanor Coppola and The Beginning and the End by Russian philosopher Nicolas Berdyaev - at Magers and Quinn, a must-browse bookstore if you're ever in the Uptown area of Minneapolis.

Yesterday we went to the Saturday evening service at church, then had supper with my parents at the Perkins down the road, which stayed with me into the wee hours of the morning. It's only been a month, but going to church feels right for the first time in, well, ever. Guess I've made my peace - for the most part.

This week at work I'm editing an hour-long training video for a large medical company and am working on another project on the side using my own gear. It'll help to pay off some of the debt I incurred when I bought all the video equipment for my company.


Bonnie said...

Glad you are glad to be back in church. Love, Aunt B

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. A Saturday evening gathering would've helped us by-pass our, "Seriously, it's the time change? Why didn't you tell me as soon as I got up?" rush this morning - to make it to an -11 o'clock- service. So sad. ;>

Anonymous said...

p.s. I don't know if you still check out Bell's downloads anymore, but today's teaching was excellent and touches on issues with church in a wonderful way.

Jon Porter said...

Awww shucks, Tom...

even though you're back in church again, deep down inside, I still like to think of you as being one of the dwellers. Dwellers of. Of... The Evangelical Fringe. (music crescendos to a dramatic chours)

Who knows? Maybe one day I will write a book about our non-movement movement.

but probably not.

Tom said...

Jon: Sorry to disappoint :)