Thursday, March 13, 2008

Please, get them out there

OK. So you spend a year or two writing, shooting and editing your short film and then it's shown a few times only to spend the rest of it's life on a shelf somewhere over in... Australia. I keep finding films that I want to see that are unavailable. (Maybe the Australian distribution company sells Region 1 - the US - copies of their DVDs, but I doubt it.)

Like, I really want to see OK, Let's Talk about Me. It's a story told from Eddie's perspective (he's an seventeen-year-old with Down syndrome) about his desire for more independence. It even comes with a nifty little PDF study guide. But, according to the distributor's website, they are bound by contract to not sell the film anywhere except Australia or New Zealand.

My rant for this fine Thursday afternoon.


Christina said...

you could always get a code free DVD player. That is how I survive this god-forgotten-media place (Austria), where everything is synchronised into German. And I mean EVERYTHING. Live interviews with some english speaking person gets translated LIVE over the regular voice. P*sses me of (Sorry bad language)and usually makes me turn off the TV too...

And I am still reading your blog, just bad at commenting ;-)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

If I'm ever in Australia or New zealand, I'll pick it up for you, okay?

Tom said...

Christina: Glad you're still "lurking." :) I remember that about living in Germany... always had to find films in their original language. Hope you can get Netflix there.

Shannon: And one of those really big beer mugs. :)