Friday, March 21, 2008


Someone was finally able to sneak a camera into heaven and send an image of it back to earth. To get the full effect of the picture, you have to click on it to see it full size.


Brett said...

... and with subtitles.

Ah, there is a God

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Just popping over to say Happy World Down Syndrome Day, Tom to you and your little angel!

Cool Pic! And I love the new blog design... simple yet not generic! Sometimes simple is better!

livia-the-great said...

great picture! last summer i was there, managed babysitting to see one movie. impossible to find a seat- so i went w friends to stand in front of doorway of the 1st lit (soft peach on right) building. in the middle archway there are bars in front of the door and i took off my belt and attached myself to one of them so i could release my weight and literally "hang out" while watching 'the bourne supremecy'. was cool!

maybe we'll meet there one day?


Terri said...

ok, i hope you won't brand me as a heretic, but this looks more like hell to me. i always fight with my friends just a little when they want to go out to a movie because i just don't get it. why would i pay a cart-load of money to watch a movie in a big crowd of people where i cannot hit the pause button when i have to go to the bathroom? my preference is to just wait for it to come out on DVD and watch it in my livingroom in my pjs wrapped in a comforter with my remote at the ready.

i'm sure the experience you're depicting is much more culturally enriching than your average night at the movie-plex, but just imagining that crowd is making me break out in hives. *shiver*

Tom said...

brett: I think the subtitles are in German... there is a hell.

shannon: thanks for popping back in.. same old same old going on.

Livia: OK, so now I am really super jealous. I would love to go this year because they're doing a whole retrospective on one of my favorite directors, Nanni Moretti. I would seriously consider it if I thought the films might have English subtitles... Maybe I'll bump into you there. :)

terri: Next you'll be telling me that you don't enjoy jumping into a freezing cold lake... oh, wait. I'll still let you drop comments here... heretic.