Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring rush

Yesterday was warm enough to take Silvi down for a walk by the lake. She has little green boots with frog eyes on them, appropriate seeing how she jumped in every puddle along the way.

Spring gives me an adrenaline rush. I don't ease my way out of winter like a bear yawning its way out of hibernation. No, I pounce on Spring, like a drowning man clutching for a small rope tossed from the beyond. Then I get busy, making up for all the gloomy lost days of cold.

I honestly don't know how I make it through these Minnesota winters. I grew up mostly in warm climates, but I don't think it's the cold that beats me down. It's the lack of light.

It was a gorgeous sunset on Lake Calhoun last night. Lots of people out, many dogs for Silvi to pet. Perfection.

I can totally understand how people worshiped Apollo, god of light.


bella said...

Past tense?
I'm still worshiping that illusive god of light.
Like you, spring can not come early enough, light cannot soon enough.
This is why I had to leave Seattle you know, all those gray cloudy days. :)

Kim Ayres said...

I'm all for the idea of living in the Northern Hemisphere from April to September, and the Southern from October to March.

Now if I can just find someone from the Southern Hemisphere who prefers the gloom and would like to do house swaps every 6 months...

Tom said...

Isabel: Seattle kicked me where the sun never shines... :)

Kim: Or you just have to find a person, say from Sweden, who probably thinks winters in Scotland are akin to paradise by comparison.