Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dental shoot

I spent all day yesterday shooting a training video in a dentist's office. The office was an hour and a half away in a small town, the kind where everyone knows everyone. It was snowing pretty hard, making the drive treacherous.

It was a three camera shoot, with one small camera suspended directly over the various patent's mouths, another camera shooting a different angle through a mirror clamped onto a stand, and the third camera shooting a wide, establishing shot. The dentist talked like one of his high speed drills, and I think he has been sniffing too much of the nitrous oxide. We went to lunch with him, where he often whistled loudly when he wanted the waitress. He spent the entire lunch hour drawing diagrams of crowns and teeth on his napkin.

We hired an additional freelance cameraman who we'd used before; he has narcolepsy. He forgot to take his pill once during a different shoot and kept dozing off in the middle of takes. He took his pill yesterday.

This morning we woke to snow-covered trees. I drive around a lake on my way to work each morning, and was wishing I had a camera.

This week is horrendously busy for me. I better get back to it.


Elbog said...

Sounds like great fun. Brace yourself. I hope you practice tooth in advertising. Is there a molar to the story? Tastes great - less filling? I hope there's a silver lining. I'll stop now, I know the drill.

beans said...

hehe-that's funny elbog

Tom said...

elbog: That was a gas, man, a crowning achievement.

beans: :)