Thursday, March 27, 2008

An update on my grandmother

A little over a week ago, my aunt got a phone call from my grandmother's doctor telling her to come immediately, that my grandmother was dying. My mom flew out and spent a week with her, and it seems, for now, that she is "stable." I suppose this is how it will be for the next days, weeks, and even, perhaps, months.

Just thought I'd share.


bella said...

Thanks for the update.
I had wondered.
It's hard, isn't it, this time when things can seem so precarious and then return back to "stable".
My mom just called me yesterday to tell me that her sister had died, after three years of bone cancer and she far surpassed what she had been told her time "left" was. Still, it always come as shock.
Sending your grandmother, and your whole family, my prayers and love.

bella said...

oh, and one more thing.
can you email me yours and Annie's mailing address? I have something to send off to you.

waldenhouse said...

I had wondered too. We went through the same sort of roller coaster for quite a while with my grandmother. It's tough to say the least. Thanks for the update.

Terri said...

i'm glad she's doing better, and at the same time i know that these situations can take a huge toll on a family. i hope you're all enjoying her life and using this time to love well and care for yourselves.

Tom said...

Isabel: Thanks for the thoughts, and I'll shoot over our address.

Walden: Appreciate it.

Terri: She lives in Ohio now; I've always lived far from them. Some days I wish it could have been different. Thanks for the words.

God is Great Beauty Salon said...

Hope your grandmother will get better. Always unreal and chocking when bad things happens to your close ones.