Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Comments part deux

As usual, Kim's got a good point:
I'm going to go against the flow of opinion here and say what's the point of a one-way conversation?

There are few sites I continue to comment on if I never get a comment back

If my comment is just a smiley face or comment that your kid is cute, then I don't need an answer. But if I spend ages trying to craft a witty comment to try and make you smile, some kind of acknowledgment is nice.
Commenting on comments is back on. So I'm wishy-washy. So what. You still love Charlie Brown. Maybe I'll put my hit counter back on, too. Maybe I'll start advertising, or writing for a political party, or selling this space to the highest bidder.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll finally get to kick that stupid football.



bella said...

I go back and forth on this too. I'll comment back for a while, then forgo it, then back on. Usually just what I have time for is what happens. Also, it depends on what I wrote about.
Whatever you do, today or next week, I'll still be here.
Just can't seem to stay away. :)

Kim Ayres said...

Yeah, I know, I'm a complete b'stard.

Just don't try flying your kite near a kite eating tree...

Chris said...

As Charlie Brown often says, Good Grief!

Why don't you just give yourself a break. If you have time, comment on comments. If you don't, then don't worry about it. :)

Love the photo of Ian--glad to hear he is doing so well.

Oh, no need to comment on this comment.....

Tricia said...

Honestly, I don't always have time (or even think) to look back on comments you may have sent BACK to me when I comment on here. Occasionally I look...but I have a hard time keeping up on my own comments and writing and reading blogs that it's just too much. Although I DO spend time thinking about it.

I get a lot of beefy comments often from the same folks and I wish I could say that I always comment back, but my life would be overflowing (even more than it is) with blog stuff if I ALWAYS did.

Also...I try to comment back by email so those folks know I am commenting back. But that's just me. Sometimes I wish the after comment/email stuff was public b/c it's good conversation stuff.

I dunno. I try as best I can, but it's imperfect. Also...I guess I have sort of assumed that even if I don't ALWAYS comment back people tend to know that I still keep up on them when I comment on their blogs or whatever.

Anonymous said...

umm...who told you the glass was half empty? It's not your kicking, you just need someone else to hold the football. :>

Elbog said...

It's all good. My comment on your post on comments got lost in the ether. I said then to write for yourself, first. What happens to it after it goes out, happens. Most of my blogs are drafts of what's happening in my head, I hope to turn some of them into something better, someday. This is beginning to look like a Seinfeld episode, blogs about blogs, lol.
So be it. We're making up the rules as we go along.
P.S. I don't know if I'd let Elizabeth hold that ball for ya (grin).

Anonymous said...

i totally understand...i'm going through the exact same thing with my journal!

lili met with the PT, OT people for the 1st time yesterday. they just took notes, etc

that is so cool ian is rolling over! lili is not yet but she will in her own time :)

i look forward to meeting you all when you get the time :)

beans said...

I never even knew you had to comment on comments if there wasn't a question specifically asked. I guess that's why no one reads my blog? I can barely remember to blog, much less comment. I am with Chris-if the spirit moves you, go for it. If not, oh well.

Hope life is good today, if not, try again tomorrow.

Terri said...

peer pressure's a bitch, isn't it? :)

Tom said...

Isabel: You get so many comments that you'd spend your whole day just responding... :)

Kim: A wise b'stard, nonetheless. :)

Chris: I'm too much of a perfectionist; either all comments or none at all. :)

Tricia: Your a blogging maniac, Tricia. :) I take forever trying to get my thoughts on paper and - at least it seems like it to me - you whip out some seriously good posts at the drop of a hat. (I know it's not that easy).

I think this is something I'm going to waffle on for a long time to come.

Elsie: You volunteering? :)

Elbog: That's the crux of the matter, isn't it. Who I'm writing for. Guess I write because it helps clarify the thoughts bouncing around in the vacuum between my ears. Thanks, man. And I'll keep an eye on Elsie.

ana: I don't envy you trying to converge all your blogs/writing into one. :) Maybe Ian can show Lili how to roll over and Lili can teach Ian to whistle through his nose.

beans: I say comment on comments if you want to... I kinda like the conversation that develops, even if it takes up more time. Guess it's worth it to me in the end. Computer are taking over my life! :)

terri: I caved. Wimp.

Elbog said...

This came across the ether, today.

Tom said...

So what you're saying is that I'm nothing but a dumb cat? :) Interesting read, Jeff