Friday, February 08, 2008

Chicago shoot

I made it to Chicago around midnight on Wednesday night. A snow storm forced hundreds of flights to be canceled and I was rerouted through Memphis where I spent about 4 hours reading John Irving's classic, The World According to Garp. His other well-known book A Prayer for Owen Meany is on my top 10 list of favorites.

Our client put me up in another classy hotel, the kind where they give you a warm chocolate chip cookie when you check in (which I regretted eating at midnight). After a great breakfast in the hotel restaurant, we drove to our location so that I could light the "set." Which in this case was an old warehouse right out of the last scene in the original Terminator film. Dark and cold, piles of steel everywhere, steam coming out of various pipes.

It took about an hour to set up, three hours to shoot the marketing video, half hour to tear down and then back to the airport. I got some pretty cool shots of the product against the eerie background with steam pouring out of the ground.

I'm back at my desk, waiting for the computer to compress a dvd I'm authoring - a documentary recorded in four languages that I have to figure out how to fit onto a single dvd.

This weekend it's dropping back down to -15; guess we'll be looking for things to do inside. Annie wants me to go to a pot luck with the Down syndrome group tomorrow.

I feel a cold coming on.


Kim Ayres said...

Pot Lucks are fun - we don't seem to have them in the UK, but I enjoyed the ones I went to in Canada. Mind you, perhaps that's because one was the Chinese Club and the other was the South East Asian Society.

Do let us know how Down Syndrome food tastes...

Carole said...

I am the opposite of Kim. Potlucks are horrible. Stay away, very far away. People want you to be clever and fun and notice how clever and fun they are. Don't do it.

Terri said...

oh come on can't be that bad. there's food involved so you can always feign a choking incident. :)

Tom said...

Kim: "Pot lucks are fun" hmm... isn't that kind of like saying the color blue tastes good or math smells like cooking onions? Makes no sense to me.

Carole: I should have listened.

Terri: more like feign a disappearing act.