Sunday, February 24, 2008

Indie coffee shops

We usually spend Sunday mornings at a coffee shop; either the Turtle Bread or the French Meadow. If you're tired of Starbucks, I found a cool little website that maps out all the indie coffee shops nearby; it works in almost any US city.


Archie said...

Even works in State College, PA! Saint's is a great little cafe here.

Kelly said...

Here is an added bonus:
Hattie's Cafe is a very cool coffee spot on the old Main street in Hudson, OH. This cafe is not only very welcoming, with leather furniture and a big fireplace, and an authentic 1920's lunch counter in an ajoining space, the best part is....being run by the Hattie Larlham foundation, and it employs a number of people with DS. Friday mornings you'll find the "DS moms" hanging out there. Oh, I miss it.

Oh, I see they have opened a second one in Akron :)

bella said...

just check it out.
happy to see Metropolis, "my" coffee shop on the map. :)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE french meadow and miss it so much!
i used to live right around there.

they hate this almond date sourdough bread that was to die for!

Anonymous said...

err, they HAVE (not hate!) the bread!