Friday, February 15, 2008


Annie and I finally had a date night all to ourselves without interruption. We dropped Silvi and Ian off over at my parent's place and went to the Indian Palace for some of the best food to be found this side of New Delhi. We gorged on chicken and rice and strawberry and mango juice. It was the perfect post-Valentine's Day date.

Ian did awesome; Grandpa entertained him with Itsy-Bitsy spider until he fell asleep, sprawled out next to Grandpa. Made Annie and I so happy we did the Kathak dance of joy. Well, maybe we just did a little ho-down jig on the inside, but it was a dance nonetheless.

Next week? The movies.


RK said...

Congrats. Color me jealous.

beans said...

Sounds fantastic! I am glad you are getting some time away TOGETHER! Doing it regularly will be good for all involved--says the social worker in me that does this all day long!!

Good for you both-I am glad it was fun. I am sure the grandfolks also loved having the kids as well.

Anonymous said...

I understand this feeling completely. :> Very happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Monumental. I am sure it was fabulous to reconnect and to know your kiddos were well taken care of. Grandparents rock!

We're doing Pakistanian food tonight:).

Kim Ayres said...


Brett said...

I'm with Kim

waldenhouse said...

How wonderful!
What is it about Itsy Bitsy spider? I just posted some pictures of Wil signing this very song.

Tom said...

RK: It's too cold to go out where you are anyway, isn't it?

beans: Grandparents always love it. So do we get a shiny star?

elsie: thanks

lint: Yum. My boss takes us to a Pakistani restaurant once a year. Good stuff.

kim: :)

brett: How's the weather in Scotland?

walden: it's a favorite in our house, that's for sure.

Brett said...

Jennifer, actually.

One time Rob and Joy (at least 4 kids at the time) went out on a "date night", ended up pulling over on the side of the road and just took a nap.

Scotland is enjoying the Seattle Rain Festival (Sept.- Mar.).