Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Poll results

[Updated: At the bottom]
The results are in (if you haven't voted yet, feel free to cast your vote anyway; unless you're going to start belting out "The hills are alive...").

I aligned myself with Napoleon Dynamite. It's nice to be in the company of four other people who also wonder if chickens have large talons and are pretty good with nunchucks. We're a pessimistic bunch, yet are also known to bust a move when the chips are down.

One vote for Britney Spears. If I could give her some advice, I would tell her to stay out of the spotlight, take some time to ground herself, work out a good medical treatment plan and surround herself with people who know and care about her. I hope this voter has these kinds of opportunities available to him or her.

Three votes for Too Depressed to Answer this Poll. I was surprised by this. I thought more people would hit the Shaggy or Bill Murray range. It seems like a lot of people are either "hot" or "cold;" not too many "the water is fine" people in this poll. Like Britney, you are lacking good relationships that might help you start singing "I'm alright, nobody worry 'bout me" with a certain groundhog.

One Stallone. Not too depressed but not happy either. And, like Rambo, willing to go it alone, often by force.

One Shaggy. One person is pretty content with his or her life, as long as there's a sandwich close by and a few Scooby snacks to pass the time.

Two Bill Murray's out there. You are generally happy with your lot in life, but the burrowing groundhog keeps you from prancing about like Julie Andrews.

A solo Belle dancing alone with the Beast. You're happy most days, although at times the castle walls make you feel trapped. And you just know that under the big furry exterior, there lies a prince waiting to carry you away from all those chickens with sharp talons.

A couple of Julia Robert's laugh out there. You find lots to laugh about, and always enjoy a good bubble bath. You like to live large and find pleasure in playing and the "toys" of life, like limousine rides and the occasional diamond necklace.

Five votes for Sally Field's happiness! I was surprised that so many people are this content with their lives. Not skipping through the hills with the Von Trapp family, but lots of smiles and many warm "Places in the Heart." You have many good relationships and know that your friends and family "Really like me... you really like me!"

One Sound of Music. I'd use caution when reading this blog; it may have you hunting for ligers soon enough, which we all know is a cross between a lion and a tiger... bred for its skills in magic. And you may want to cut back on those "crisp apple strudels and schnitzel with noodles;" all those calories tend to creep up on you. Wouldn't want you to tumble a few notches down the poll. Or would I? :)

Thanks for participating, everyone. Seems like you're either "happy and you know it" or, like me, you think your milk tastes like the cow got into an onion patch.

12:30pm [ANOTHER person voted for the Sound of Music. You're just trying to tick me off, aren't you? :)]
3:30pm [Now I know you're messing with me.]


Terri said...

how come i couldn't vote for pedro?

Anonymous said...

is it too snotty to say "be happy you have milk"? ;> i'm such a mom....("this pizza has an onion piece on it...is there pepper in here?...this curry is too spicy...etc.... ;> )

Brett said...

a Cinderella story outta nowhere.

It's in the Hole!

Kim Ayres said...

It's a bit like when I did the "What's Your Medication?" survey, I was astounded to find that not everyone seems to self medicate. Either Depression isn't the norm, or most people are in denial. I still find it easier to beleive the latter

Tom said...

terri: an oversight on my part - my apologies.

elsie: but, mom, the milk is hurting my tummy!

brett: Ha! :)

kim: I just naturally assumed that everyone was walking in a perpetual state of discontent. :)