Monday, February 04, 2008


(This post should be read with the scene of Tom Cruise flipping out in the men's room in Jerry McGuire as the background).

Fine! I'll go to the Down syndrome group tonight. Fine! But if I like it, I'm not telling ANYONE! And I don't want to hear, "I told you so" from ANYONE either!

Fine! Fine!!


Steve said...

Funny Stuff!!!

Terri said...

I'm a pretty good counselor if somebody traumatizes you. :) (Annie must have some wicked voodoo eyes.)

waldenhouse said...

haha! Can't wait to hear your take on the meeting.

I stopped going to them myself.

Laurie said...

Hope it's a good meeting! Or if not, hope you and Annie remembered to coordinate some kind of distress signal and emergency OUT plan... :)

Lori said...

Hope there was good food, that would make up for any ickyness! Bet it wasn't as bad as a root canal! (Which is my personal meter for how good or bad a meeting is or isn't)

CristyLynn said...

Hope it wasn't too bad. :)

Chris said...

Can't wait to hear how it went!

Elbog said...

"Cause I'm good enough, and strong enough, and, doggone it, people like me!"
At least there's beer.

Tom said...

Steve: You social people have got it so easy. :)

Terri: $100/hour... see my post on bankruptcy.

One look and it's all over. :) (love you, babe. Annie, that is.)

Waldenhouse: I get so many conflicting reports; some people swear by them, others hate them. Wish there was one set path some days :)

Laurie: I like the signal George used on Seinfeld. "Tippy-toes! Tippy-toes!" Subtle enough?

Lori: There was supposed to be food there!?

CristyLynn: :)

Chris: You'll know soon enough . :)

elbog: There was supposed to be beer there!?

FBF Rothkopf said...

So how was it?

Terri said...

Oh, you must have missed that part where I revealed that I counsel for free at the church. (Maybe I'm not that good after all.)

Kelly said...

I started out at a coffee shop with a bunch of other "DS" moms. It got to the point we would rather have root canal than miss a week. It was a great time to let off steam, laugh and be myself with other ladies who "got it".
Not saying that happens everywhere, but you just never know.
Great blog.

Tom said...

fbf: You probably know by now :)

Terri: Free is my favorite word :)

Kelly: Thanks for dropping in... and glad you found some people where you can just be yourself... if you know of any groups in MN who like to sit around and talk about existential matters, let me know. :)