Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stairs bookcase

If I had a house and an extra wad of cash, I would totally copy this person's design for a bookshelf.

See more of the pictures here.


Leah said...

Makes me dizzy looking at it. LOL

Carole said...

I would get stuck looking at books and forget whether I was going upstairs or down.

Lori said...

Cool! I'm heading to Home Depot right now for lumber. Wait...we only have a one story home. Drat!!

Anonymous said...

This is -insanely- cool!! I love how to bookish nerdiness is so complete that the steps even look like file folders! Definitely one of the coolest bookcases -ever-.

Chris said...

I want one!

Tricia said...

That is absolutely da bomb.


Kim Ayres said...

I can immediately envisage a spiral staircase like that. Yup, a house and money would help :)

beans said...

how freaking cool is that. DP thinks is is dizzying, but I like it. i dream of the day I can have a whole room with nothing but wall to wall bookshelves. we have one wall in our living room with built ins, but nothing like what we need for all our books.

Tammy and Parker said...

Whoa! lol!

Tammy and Parker

Tom said...

Leah: :)

Carole: Good place to get stuck.

Lori: Basement?

Elsie: Someone put a lot of thought into it.

Chris: Me too!

Tricia: Capital "B" bomb.

Kim: I've always been a sucker for spiral staircases.

Beans: It justs needs some kind of seating arrangement about halfway down to be complete. :)

Tammy: :)

Terri said...


bella said...

seriously, seriously jealous.