Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ian's corner

[UPDATED: See below]

Ian slept well and is keeping milk down. He was in some pain last night so they gave him Tylenol and he went right out. The sleep apnea test results won't be available until later this afternoon; they're a little concerned about his resting heart rate being as low as it is when he sleeps. The cardiologist will talk to Annie about the results sometime after lunch. I'll fill you in as I find out more information.

Silvi is spending the day with Grandma; she woke last night out of sorts so I let her sleep in my bed, a rare treat for her. (except during summer thunderstorms) Annie sounded much better this morning on the phone; you can see a picture of her here. (if you don't get it, reference this post)

More to follow...

Update: 10:20am - All systems are go for Ian to land at home today. The sleep apnea test reveals that he does hold his breath while in deep sleep but he begins to breath again on his own and will probably grow out of it. His lungs are still a bit "wet" so he'll have to take some medication for it. It all hinges on if he urinates or not... he's still struggling to stay hydrated.

Come on, Ian, pee... and let's blow this popsicle stand!

1:25pm - For the latest, click here or here!


Leah said...

BWAHAHAHAHA Thanks! I needed the laugh this morning. Glad to know Ian is doing a little better. I'll be watching for updates on the apnea. Hang in there guys!

Kim Ayres said...

There will come a point where you'll be changing his diaper and get a jet of pee right in the eye. At that point you'll be thinking "they always said be careful what you wish for..."

Glad to hear about the sleep apnoea results

Leah said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you to be getting your little man home!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad! I just caught up on about 10 of your entries. We've been gone. Wow. You are in my prayers. All our love.

bella said...

Ian is quite valiant.
I hope you all have some time to nest at home for a while. Good food, bad tv, sweatpants and socks with holes that are just so comfy you can't bring yourself to throw them away. That kind of thing.

RK said...

Yippee for coming home! Enjoy the little family reunion.

Tom said...

Leah: Always glad to supply a good laugh

Kim: Thanks for the warning; note to self, "Buy goggles."

Leah: Thanks!

Elsie: Hi and welcome back; you're starting to blog now?

Isabel: I've got the holey socks and sweatpants taken care of, but The Office is on tonight so it's going to be a good night after all.

RK: Will do..