Monday, October 29, 2007

Magical night

I hate how words can't truly capture the essence of an experience. They always come up far short.

Tonight on the way back from a quick trip to Target, Silvi and I stopped to walk by a lake down the street from us. We live fairly close to downtown, so the Minneapolis skyline lit the water like, well, look at the picture.

Silvi ran and skipped and hopped and ran some more. We threw sand into the glassy water. Dozens of Canadian geese, taking a break from the trek south, lined the shore. Joggers ran in silence in the warm night air.

But see, the words are not enough. There were stars, lots of stars, and Silvi broke out into "Twinkle, twinkle little star" without any prompting from me. She was so - alive.

Spontaneous and unplanned, the half-an-hour my daughter and I spent by the still waters of Lake Calhoun tonight will remain with me forever.


Dylan, Jonah, and Mom said...

I love this. Thank you for sharing.


Kim Ayres said...

Magic :)

Grandma E. said...

Oh, the joy that little Silvi brings! When she spends the night with us and then sees the sun rising the next morning, she runs to the window, crying out, "Mr.Sun! Mr.Sun! Mr. Sun's up! Good morning, Mr. Sun! Come look, Grandpa! Come look, Grandma! Mr.Sun's up!" And she claps her little hands in glee. And that's the magical way our day begins.

Carole said...

Oh what a night.
Late October, Oh you should see.
What a very special time for me,
'Cause I remember what a night.

Oh, what a night.
You know, I couldn't even play her game,
Silvi, Im never gonna be the same.
What a daughter. What a night.

Okay, it doesn't translate as well as I would like, but your post reminded of the song so I had to try. The best things in life are so unexpected and are things that make life bearable.

Nicole said...

Wow, beautful~

bella said...

Magical. Unexpected. Needed.
It's amazing how life comes and brings us these gifts. And equally amazing is that you could stop, listen, and see.
This was achingly beautiful.

Laurie said...

I love these moments in life when time actually slows :)

Tom said...

Kristy: Thanks..

Kim: It was

Grandma E: She always comes home with such a glow about her.

Carole: I liked your song. Fun. And you're right, I never could have planned that night.

Nicole: Thanks

Isabel: I never stop being amazed at how much joy my little girl brings me.

Laurie: If you figure out how to capture it, let me know.