Friday, October 26, 2007

Power Lunch

I was on national television today.

OK, so I wasn't really on television, I just "happened" to walk in the background as the broadcaster for the CNBC financial show Power Lunch was on the air.

As I mentioned before, I often pop over to the Mall of America to sit in the bookstore for my lunch break and to people watch. There is usually some kind of performance or presentation on the main stage. Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame once threw me a T-shirt as I walked past him on his publicity tour. Last week they were shooting a commercial there for shoe inserts.

I knew one of the guys on the crew, so we chatted a bit. The freelance community in this town is a tight-knot bunch, and our company uses a lot of them for commercials, promotionals, or training videos.

The gaffer (lighting electrician) at the Mall has worked on quite a few films as well. He owns the actual wood chipper used in the last scene of Fargo (I wonder how he got all the "blood" out of it). He likes to tell me stories about how awkward it was when Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz kiss in Feeling Minnesota or how Kathy Bates' posterior is much bigger in real life. He worked the camera dolly on About Schmidt. Or how Tim Allen hogged the props after the shoot on Joe Somebody, which a lot of other actors give away to the crew.

So where am I going with this? I don't know. But as I approach 40 in a few months, I have noticed on substantial change in my view on filmmaking. When I used to stumble onto a film or video set, like I did today and last week at the Mall, I used to get really excited.

Now I just look at all the equipment and think to myself, "That must have been really heavy to set up."


Kim Ayres said...

I loved Fargo. The idea that I now know someone who knows someone who owns the woodchipper is quite amusing.

It's true what you say about how our priorities of what's important changes as we age and gain different experiences.

I remember about 11 years ago when the place I was working in had a 16 year old school girl on work placement. She was trying to look grown up and sexy and was wearing low cut blouse and short skirt and many of the guys were craning their necks to watch her at every opportunity.

However, it was February and all I could think was "She'll catch her death of cold in this weather dressed like that..." At that point I realised I had well and truly shifted from young man to parent mode

Carole said...

I've never been to the Mall of America, but have heard it is quite fun. I hate to shop, so I can't think what would be fun about it. However, not I know. I will go directly to the bookstore and watch for Don Johnson. I could use a new t-shirt.

Leah said...

Hey, that's the store where a friend of mine and I did a book signing in last month! I love going to the MOA, but only if I don't have a kid in tow...which is pretty rare. For awhile I was using The Park as Angela's reward for good behavior at school. 10 "tickets" earned at school got her one ride at the mall. (and when you have a child with a disability, the caregiver rides free!) Finally she got tired of the rides and wanted to up the ante to Valley Fair instead. Bummer for her it's closed during the school year!

Tom said...

Kim: Very funny experience... gave my wife a good laugh too.

Carole: I'm with you; I hate shopping, but love people watching. Next time Don's in town, I'll let him know.

Leah: My favorite ride at the MOA is the log ride; can't wait to take Silvi on it one day.