Saturday, October 13, 2007


Annie called this morning and we are cleared for surgery. Even though we went to the Emergency Room blood lab and Pre-Op, all the blood work from the hospital ends up in the same place. Huge relief that Ian doesn't have to do it again.

Again, my fault for going to the wrong area. It was chilly out and we wanted to cut through the hospital, so went through the nearest door and just asked the first receptionist we bumped into.

Note to any reading medical professionals:

Parents are in not able to process everything that is being told to them. Even if we the parents nod our heads in agreement, we are not hearing much. Like that person having to slam on their brakes to avoid an accident, our attention is focused only on one thing: our child.

Annie and I kept saying to ourselves that it would be nice to have a map and names of the rooms we were supposed to go to. The hospital is a labyrinth and a huge one at that.

I don't feel like I have a problem following directions. But I did spend nearly a full minute trying to unlock the wrong car in the parking lot. Got a lot on our minds these day, to state the obvious.

That ends my rant. No, I'm not going to be one of those parents of patients, like a teenage beauty contestants mother (or father).

I'm just saying.


Leah said...

You poor guys! UGH! I'm surprised they didn't have maps. Some of the units there DO. (particularly the short-stay surgical area.) They have laminated maps that you take to your next destination, and they mark where you're going with a red X! If you think of it next week, wright out your suggestion and drop it in one of the many suggestions boxes there. OR...sometime during your stay a patient rep might show up to ask how things are going. Make sure you mention the lost feeling!

Leah said...

Ok, I'm running on fumes and see that I can't even write wright. LOL

Carole said...

Thinking and praying for you all.

Steve said...

O merciful Father, who have wonderfully fashioned man in your own image, and have made his body to be a temple of the Holy Spirit, sanctify, we pray you, our doctors and nurses and all those whom you have called to study and practice the arts of healing the sick and the prevention of disease and pain. Strengthen them in body and soul, and bless their work, that they may give comfort to those for whose salvation your Son became Man, lived on this earth, healed the sick, and suffered and died on the Cross. Amen.

Luke & Amber said...

I second what Steve said. And add, wish we were there to help and comfort.

Elbog said...

I work in a hospital - have worked in them for over 20 years. I got lost, repeatedly, for the first 18 months. . . now I'm one of those old-timers who has to resist the urge, when giving directions, to list all of the history while doing so - - "It used to be radiology but now it's the MRI, you know, next to June's old office. . ."

Tom said...

Thanks everyone! (and thanks Steve for the wonderful prayer.)

Elbog: Thanks for sharing; you can find some of my thoughts on the matter back on my old website, the one that used to be on my old PC...