Thursday, October 11, 2007

Without a map

Ian goes in for his pre-op examination tomorrow afternoon. If the doctors determine that he is healthy, they will schedule him for his Monday morning surgery.

When I lived in the East I used to take day trips along the coast, going nowhere in particular. I liked getting lost. Driving without a map, stopping when I was hungry or saw a bookstore that looked interesting. Taking unmarked back roads until they gave way to small coastal towns.

I no longer like being lost. And I would pay good money for a map to guide us through these next few weeks.


Carole said...

Last night I prayed for Ian and your family. And although you are lost, many of us are walking with you through the lostness with our thoughts, prayers, hearts, and tears. No consolation, yet we are still here.

Leah said...

If you're not already lurking, I HIGHLY recommend you go read over at (look for the forum button down a bit on the page.) There you will find LOTS of families, all in one place, who've either "been there/done that" or who are going through it right this very minute. I can think of three families off the top of my head who've had new babies in the past few weeks, and they're all feeling what your're feeling. Kinda lost...The one thing those who have been there can do for you is hold your hand. We can't take away the emotions, but we can ease some of the anxiety about the unknown. If you want, we can even show you pictures so you're not quite so stunned when Ian comes out of surgery. There are lots of parents who just lurk there (probably hundreds) and never post until one day this new person pops on and says "I've been reading here for months!"

When all is said and done...go get yourself a motorcycle! They do wonders for a mind that needs an escape! LOL

Tricia said...

Here is a group specific to DS and heart conditions too. Great resource!

bella said...

Roaming aimlessly, wandering, in order to find our way, as Joseph Campbel write about is of a different sort than being thrust into the unknown with no markers or signposts. Mostly because the first is "chosen", the latter chooses us.

There are no maps or if there are than you have moved beyond the charted sights, the untamed and wild territory. Still, I like to believe there is an internal compass.
May you feel your own grown strong.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Not that this is any consolation but with our Dylan's heart surgery, I felt the same way. I can't really say that what you are about to go through, or witness, is easy but I can say that the end result is spectacular. Dylan has so much more energy. He's creative, he's funny, and the heart surgery really did improve the quality and quantity of his life.

Yep, a map would have been nice. Your family is in my prayers.

Tom said...

Carole: Thank you so much. It really helps!

Leah: Thanks for the heads up! It's great.

Tricia: I signed up right away. Cheers!

Isabel: As always, you have a way with words to get to the heart of the matter. I hope that you enjoy your retreat and come back refreshed!

D + K: At this point, even a google map would do! :) It's very reassuring hearing from parents who have been there. Thanks.