Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Escuela Mexicana de Arte Down


Emily said...

That was great! I also enjoyed a few of the youtube segments that pop up afterwards.

Kim Ayres said...

It's amazing the number of thoughts and emotions I charge through in such a short space of time when watching things like this.

They go from feelings of gratitude that there are people out there allowing people with DS to express themeselves - through irritation at the "look at these strange people, aren't they talented" feel to it - through thoughts of whether it makes any difference to the quality of the art, depending on the background and disabilities the artist has had to overcome - through admiration for people being creative - through anger at a world which sees difference in terms of better or worse, rather than just variety.

I guess it's the age old conflict in me that one the one hand wants to celebrate and enjoy the variety and difference my daughter brings, while at the same time railing against a world that either thinks she should have been aborted, or is some kind of talanted panda.

The fact that you just posted the video without comment, Tom, makes me think you're also not entirely sure whether it makes you feel good or lousy.

Tom said...

Emily: I checked out a few more of the videos after you brought it up and really enjoyed some of them too.

Kim: You hit on some of the key things I've been struggling with lately... when I get a breather, I want to address some of the things you brought up in more detail. Thanks..